Top 5 Best Wallpaper Apps For Your Android Phone 2019

Top 5 Best Wallpaper Apps For Your Android Phone 2019

Choosing a wallpaper for your mobile phone is not that tough work. It is so simple. You will get plenty number of apps in the Google play store for wallpaper.

But choosing the right wallpaper for your phone is not that simple. You will want a gorgeous wallpaper for your phone that will look good as well as will not get in your way of seeing menu icons.

To make your job easy and finding the right wallpaper for your android phone, I have made a list of best wallpaper apps for your android phone. I hope this will help you.


500 Firepaper

Changing wallpaper daily is really a boring job. And seeing a single wallpaper every day is more boring for sure. From today, you do not need to change your wallpaper or see the same wallpaper or spend hours searching the right wallpaper for your phone.

You can simply download 500 Firepaper app. this app will show new wallpaper every day. And it is a live wallpaper app that is famous for its amazing collection of photographs. You know, live wallpaper is a trending thing.


Google Wallpapers

When it comes to best apps, no matter what category it is, one of the apps of the giant Google will be there. And here is no difference. We are talking about best wallpaper apps and Google is offering you its amazing wallpaper app.

The best part of this app is that it has a huge collection of wallpaper. It offers you to choose pictures from Google earth, Google plus and other partners of Google. Can you imagine how vast the collection will be?

Another good thing is its category. You can choose your category from here. Choose a category and the app will show you the pictures of that category. It offers cityscape modes, landscape mode, and seascape mode as well. Never wait to download this app.


Backgrounds HD (Wallpapers)

One of the oldest wallpaper app. however, it is still one of the best and one of the most popular wallpaper apps for the android phone. The app is popular because of its amazing features.

The app offers you a great collection of pictures. You can choose your one from that vast collection. And day by day, the collection is increasing. You can search for images by category. This makes the job easy for you.

The interface of the app is simple. And the app itself is light. You do not have to worry about your battery and memory. Unlike any other top wallpaper apps, this one offers the users to choose the hottest wallpapers chosen by the users worldwide.

Other than that, you can crop the images, add filters and use the various set of wallpapers from here. There are very few apps that can offer that much features. This is surely an amazing app.



Another great wallpaper app. as the name implies, it is a live wallpaper app. and it has a good collection of a classic piece of art. The app changes your wallpaper periodically to show new and new classic wallpaper.

However, if you do not like the pictures of the apps, or if you want to show your personal collection through the app, you can simply choose your own collection of pictures and the app will show these pictures as your wallpaper.

Other than that, it comes with a bokeh option that blurs the wallpaper a little bit so that your home screen and app icons remain in the forefront. And if you don’t like the blur option or want to remove the blur option at any point, you can simply double tap and that will be gone.

Overall, this is a great app and this has created a good buzz among the developer community. The users of the app are increasing day by day. You can try it once and I say you must try it.


Kappboom – Cool Wallpapers

This is the last app in this list. The app stands apart because of its vast collection of wallpapers. When you will download the app, you can see the large collection. Current now it has a collection of 100,000 pictures. Can you imagine? And day by day the number is increasing.

And the good thing is that it is very simple to navigate. Its simple interface makes the navigation easy actually. You can search for images by color and tags. And unlike other apps, this one offers you to share the wallpapers on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.

This is an amazing app, though it cannot create a buzz like Backgrounds HD app. but it is appreciated by users. And that is why after more than 400,000 reviews, it has 4.8-star ratings. Download it and give a try.


Final verdict

Wallpaper apps make your home screen more attractive. These are the top 5 best wallpaper apps right now you will find in the Google play store. Go to the play store and download these apps. And keep one that you like most. However, if you don’t want to use any app, you can simply use Google and download any photos to use as wallpaper.

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