Top 10 Most Popular Android Apps in the Play Store

Top 10 Most Popular Android Apps in the Play Store


A lot of people want to know about the top 10 most popular Android apps in the lay store. That is why Apkcase is bringing you the top 10 most popular as well as most used apps in the Google play store. We generally suggest the apps that are useful but less popular. So we thought let’s talk about some superb popular apps in the play store. Before starting, one thing I want to mention to make you clear that we are not going to discuss the apps that are pre-loaded on the android device. We will only talk about the apps that are available on the play store and you have to download it to use the apps. Here we go.


This is no wonder that Facebook will be the number one popular app in the Google play store. There is not a single app that is even close to this app when it comes to popularity. Despite all its scandal, security issues and most notably #deleteFacebook movement, it is still the top popular app in the Google play store. Currently, with more than 4.2 billion downloads, it is the top app. You will find very few smartphone users who do not have Facebook app installed. However, not all the people are happy with the app. There has more than 1 million 1 star rating. But that cannot change the popularity of the app.

Facebook messenger

Facebook messenger is owned by Facebook and with this app, Mark Zuckerberg is dominating the app market. Most of the users who use Facebook app, use Facebook messenger as well. And that is why it is the second most popular app in the Google play store. Currently, it has more than 3.5 billion downloads. And day by day, its popularity is increasing. In some countries, the messenger is free and do not need any charge to use it. And its increasing features are making it more popular. Now it is not only a media of chatting, but you can also now send an audio message, videos, you can do the video call, audio call, and many things.


With almost 3 billion downloads, WhatsApp is holding the number 3 position in the app world. WhatsApp is the world’s most popular as well as the most used instant messaging tool. Guess what? It is a product of Facebook. In 2014, Facebook bought it for 19$ billion. That means Facebook is completely dominating the apps industry. Current now, it is offering calling as well along with the instant messaging. It is so popular that in some smartphones, this app is a default. That means it is available on the phone.


Social media get so much popularity because of its visual content. And Instagram enriches social media. At first, it was the platform for fun and uploading selfies. But now it becomes one of the most popular, most used, and versatile social media. That is why it is holding the number 4 position in term of popularity. And one more thing you need to know that it is a product of Facebook as well. Can you imagine? Zuckerberg is just ruling the app kingdom. With almost 2 billion downloads, it is showing its popularity. But its popularity is increasing so rapidly that it will catch the number 2 position very soon. It is one of the top 10 most popular social media apps for android.


The first app that offered video calling. And the thing is that it is not an app of Facebook. Finally, a non-Facebook app that is in the top 10 positions. This is the app that offered the live video call first. And there are no alternatives to this app till now. It is the best video calling app right now. With more than one billion downloads, it is showing its popularity. When someone says video calling, I hear Skype.


Another social media app and it is not owned by Facebook. This is the first social media app that showed the most potential. However, it could not show its potential after when Facebook started dominating the social media world. However, it is still popular and almost every celebrity uses this app to communicate with their fans. Also, fans communicate with their favorite celebrity through this media. With more than 830 million downloads, it is holding the number 6 position in the list of top 10 popular Android apps in the play store.

Clean master

Finally a non-social media or media app. These 6 apps might not be your taste, and there might be some scandal as well with these apps, but trust me, these 6 apps are really useful somehow. But this one does nothing at all. Now, most of the smartphones have memory and ram cleaner by default. However, since we are not talking about useful apps, we are talking about popular apps. So with more than 825 million downloads, this useless, harmful app is holding the number 7 position.

Candy crush saga

Candy crush saga is holding the number 8 position with more than 85 million downloads. By seeing this number, maybe you are thinking this is the most popular game in the Android world. But, you are wrong. This is not the most popular game. However, 85 million people love to line up different colored candy. This is simple but fun. It is just a time pass game. But many people I have seen that they get addicted to this simple game.


These days are gone when people transferred files through Bluetooth. Now it is time for SHAREit. This is the first app that is not for time pass, rather it is a productive app. This is the app that takes the place of Bluetooth. However, this one transfer files 200 times faster than Bluetooth. Some smartphones have this app by default. But with more than 770 million downloads, this one makes it place in the list of top 10 most popular Android apps in the Google play store.


This is the last app in our list. And this one is the most popular cloud storage service right now. This cloud storage app beats some giant companies like Google Drive, OneDrive, and iCloud. This app lets you share your documents with others, store your documents and let others download from your storage. With more than 720 million downloads, it makes it position in top popular android apps.


These are the most popular Android apps in the Google play store. Do you have all of those installed on your phone? I hope you have. By the way, it is up to you that you will use these or not. However, we can conclude something based on this popularity of the apps. People love social media and visual content. And that is why Facebook, Instagram, Messenger are top of the list. In addition, people love to spend time on social media more than anything. That is why social media apps are dominating the app industry.

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