Top 10 Most Popular Android Apps for Instagram

Top 10 Most Popular Android Apps for Instagram


Instagram is now one of the most popular as well as most used social media. At first, it was a fun app for babies and uploading selfies. But now it has become one of important social media as well. A lot of brands are established now through this social media.

In addition, a lot of people have become a celebrity as well through Instagram. Many restaurants, travel bloggers, artists, and photographers have made a place in the community through Instagram. That means it is just not a fun place or selfies place now.

You need to be careful when publishing any content. You have to make sure that your photos are attractive and your videos are well edited. In addition, you need to post your content on a regular basis and you need to check the performance of the post as well. That is why you need to use some external apps for Instagram.

What are the apps that can help in these kinds of stuff? There are some apps with which you can make your photos attractive, you can edit your videos properly before posting, maintain the posting schedule and most importantly check the performance of the posts you have posted so that you can understand what types of contents are performing well.

In this article, I am going to discuss such types of apps. I am going to discuss the top 10 most popular as well as most effective android apps for the Instagram. Here we go.


Photo editing apps

Since Instagram is all about visual content and picture is the heart of Instagram, you need to make sure your photos are attractive. Also, if you are business person, you need to make sure your products’ pictures are good looking and appealing. That is why it is important to edit your pictures before posting it to Instagram.

Here are some of the best-edited apps. If you want to know about more exclusive apps for editing then you can check the list of our 8 Best Android Apps for editing your Photos before Posting to Instagram.



If you are not a photographer but still want to edit your photo like a pro then you should not look further. Snapseed is the easiest but one of the most useful as well as powerful app for photo editing, especially for Instagram. And the good news is that this app is completely free.

This amazing free android app offers 29 editing tools as well as filters. In addition to that, it enables you to customize the filters and save those to use in the future. Moreover, it has more than 35 text layout so that you can add a caption to your photos. Overall, this one is one of the best editing apps for Instagram.



VSCO is a creative app that is created by creative and created for creative. This app offers some amazing features that you will rarely find in other apps. It features editing, filters, frame and more that will blow your mind.

Despite those so many features, using this app is so simple. Even if you haven’t used any editing app before, you can still use it and edit your picture. Basically, its simple and clean interface makes the editing easier for you.



When it comes to photo editing, the first name that comes to our mind is Adobe. Yes, Adobe has taken their position is such a place where every single photo editor, I guess, know their name.

Aviary is one of the products of Adobe. Now you can easily imagine how good it can be. Actually, it is a powerful app for photo editing. This is the app that offers professional photo editing to the Instagramers.

The app is full of frames, editing tools, effects, stickers, and many other things. And the best part about this app is its tutorial. The app offers a complete tutorial step by step to the users so that a new person can know how to edit a photo like a pro through this app.


Video editing apps

At first, Instagram was just for photo uploading. But now it offers its users to upload videos as well. And the thing is that people like videos a lot. That is why day by day the popularity of videos is increasing. In addition to that, the video is a very good way to promote yourself, your blog, your brand. That is why it is important to upload some good videos that your audience will like. In that case, you have to edit your videos. And to edit your videos, there are some amazing apps that are simple but offer professional-like video editing options. Here are some of those apps.



GoPro, the game-changing video giant, has a video editing apps to edit videos in GoPro style. This editing app will help you boost up the energy of your videos by syncing the videos to the music in just a few clicks.

In addition to that, the app features gauge and graphs that you can add to your videos to explain speed as well as height. This is basically for those people who make stunts or other videos where you have to explain speed and height.

However, this editing tool is a basic tool actually. You cannot do any advance thing with this app. If you need to do some advanced editing, you have to look elsewhere.


Hype type

Hype type is, basically, a text animated app that enables its users to animate text on top of the videos. This is a great app for Instagram. Why? Because as you know, a lot of people watch Instagram videos without sound. So this app will help a lot.

This app produces typographic graphics which makes the app far better than its competition. Your animated text will show as a top class professional edited video. And the good news is that it is completely free. However, if you need some premium text style as well as animated style, you might purchase its premium feature.


Giphy cam

Create simple Gifs of your dream with this amazing app. The app enables you to capture as well as embellish gifs of the content of your heart. You can simply record a gif and add different kinds of effects including googly eyes, mustaches, and other things.

You can then export the gifs for social media sharing, especially for Instagram. However, this is not a video editing app actually, its functionality is limited to creating gifs only. You cannot do anything else with this app.


Publishing apps

For celebrity or brands, it is important to publish contents on a regular basis so that their audience get regular content. People follow them to get regular update from them. However, it is quite impossible for anyone to publish on a regular basis, especially if he/she or the brand does not have any team.

In that case, some publishing apps might help you.



Later is surely one of the best apps for publishing content on Instagram. It is a schedule app basically. But it has some other features that will amaze you for sure. This app enables you to schedule your posts so that you can be connected regularly to the audience.

In addition to that, this enables the users to track hashtags for posts, collect user-generated content, make shoppable content and most importantly analyses post-performance.

And the good news is that it is the official partner of Instagram. That means there is no security issue with this. The app is completely free, however, if you are a large company, you have to buy it.



The buffer is a scheduling app with which you can schedule your post on Instagram as well as some other social media. The app enables you to post a single image automatically and reminds you to manually post videos as well as other contents. In addition to that, this amazing app analyses the performance of the content so that you can understand what types of posts are performing well. The app is free for individual, however, you need to purchase it if you are a company.


Analytic apps

It is really important to know the analytics of your content. Otherwise, you cannot understand your audience. Without analytics, you cannot know what types of contents are performing well, how is the reach of your contents, the location of your audience and others. To know all of these, you have to use some apps.



Iconosquare is an analytics app that enables its user to measure the impression of the posts, track their followers; demographics including location, language, and others, and tell the users when most of the audience is online to increase the visibility of the posts. In addition to that, it analytics the likes, comments and others to tell its users how the posts are performing.

The app is for Instagram and Facebook only. And the app is not for free. You have to purchase it for use.


Hootsuite Analytics

This is our last app. This is an analytic app that allows its users to check the details about the post so that the users can post the content at the right time and on the right topic. The app delivers real-time analytics of your post so that you can optimize your content better. The interface of the app is a little bit difficult to understand at first. But with time, you will find it easier.


Wrap up words

Well, now Instagram is not personal use. It has become an app for making personal branding, doing business, and establishing a business. That is why you need to create eye-catching, attractive and appealing content for the users.

These apps that I have mentioned above will help you create awesome contents, post your contents on a regular basis and analyses the performance of the contents. So, download all of these apps today so that you can create your own brand and let others know about your presence. This is the time for you. Best of luck.

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