The Top 10 Most Popular Social Media Apps for android

The top 10 most popular social media apps for android


Nowadays, people spend more time on social media than in our real life. We share everything on social media. We share our feelings, we share our feelings when we are happy, when we are sad, when we are nostalgic or when we are excited about something.

In addition, we can communicate with our friends, family, relatives, and others via social media, no matter where they live. Actually, social media has become a regular part of our life. We cannot think a day without social media.

Do you know what the most popular social media apps for android are?


Well, don’t worry. In this article, I am going to tell you about top 10 most popular social media apps for your android phone so that you can know about it, you can use it and you can get benefits from it. Here we go.



I don’t think I need to introduce this app to you. I guess there are no people in the digital world who do not have an account on Facebook. Everyone has an account on Facebook. And the thing is, Facebook is now the most popular as well as the most used social media app. More than 1 billion people are now using Facebook.

You can share pictures, videos, and stories here. You can see your friends’ stories, videos, and pictures here. Also, you can communicate with through the comment box and you can share your opinion as well.

When it comes to business and digital marketing, Facebook is the most useful app, the most popular app. You can create your brand from here. You can create a shop and sell your product here.

Overall, this one is a must-have social media app for everyone. However, addiction is bad. So be careful about that.



Social media has got so much popularity because of its visual content. And its popularity increased more with the creation of most visual-based social media Instagram. After seeing its rising popularity, Facebook decided to buy it and they did. Now Instagram is a part of Facebook, however, it has its own attraction to the audience.

At first, it was invented for sharing funny quotes for babies and uploading selfies. But slowly, now it has become a must-have social media. Now you can communicate with your friends and family, you can share your ideas, you can create a brand, you sell your product and many things. A lot of people have become successful in their business through this small but useful Instagram app. You must install it on your phone.



One of the oldest but most used social media app. Once upon a time, it was the most popular and most used social media. However, with the increasing popularity of Facebook and Instagram, its popularity starts decreasing. But still, it is the third most used social media app in the world.

It is mainly used to communicate with fans. Almost every celebrity has an account on twitter and they communicate with their fans and followers via it. And the good thing is that their fans also wish them, criticize them and appreciate them through Twitter. This is also a good platform for digital marketing as well. So if you have any business, or want to create a brand, or want to reply to your favorite celebrity twit then you have to install this app on your smartphone.



This is a very popular app for Android, especially in North America and Europe. This is a class app. What I am trying to say is that this is not for everyone, this is for classy people only. Here you can see the trending things in the world. If you need to keep yourself up to date then this is a must have app for your smartphone.

Not only trending thing, here you will find many memes, videos, funny videos, funny picture and other things for entertainment. Along with that, you will get the latest news on politics, sports, and other social issues from here.

And most importantly, here you will find a community that is always ready to help in any matter. So everyone classy and smart person has to install this app.



Are you looking for ideas? Do you need ideas? Are you thinking of any ideas? Do you like new ideas? If yes then this is the app for you. Pinterest is the house of ideas.

If you want ideas for your social media marketing or to establish a business outside the online then you can get ideas from here. The good thing about Pinterest is its community. You will get a large community here that always talks about ideas.

So any innovative person should have this app on his or her phone.



LinkedIn is an app for the people who want to find a job or find an employee. This is a social media app for sure, but now it is not just a social media app. If you have an account here, you have your CV here. With this app, you can find your job where you can show your skill. Also, you can communicate with your friends and family as well with this app. Simply, this is an all in one app. You can share videos, pictures, you can communicate with friends, family, and relatives, you can hire employee, and you can be hired as well. If you do not have this app in your phone, you are too backdated darling.


Facebook messenger

These days are one when you have to pay few dollars to communicate through phone with someone. Now it is time to call through the internet. And Facebook messenger makes this job so easy. Now you can send voice message, send documents, send videos, send the picture, do the live chat, do a video call and audio call through this app. And the good news is almost everyone has this app installed in his or her phone. So if you need to call anyone, or share something, you can easily do it with this app. And this app is owned by Facebook. So anyone has an account on Facebook can use this app and communicate with friends, family, and relatives with this app. Also, if you can create a group here. This is a most useful app for everyone.



This is the most popular social media app for video sharing. You will hardly find any video that is not available here. This app is so popular that now people watch YouTube instead of watching television. And why people watch television where a lot of TV channels are now streaming their program via this app? Right?

You will find any type of video here, from amateur videos to expert videos. You will find product review, movie review, news, entertainment, educational and many other types’ videos. As I said, you will find almost every video here.



If you ask me the best app for chatting, group chatting and calling then I will suggest you this one. This one is now one of the most popular apps. And the good news is that almost every smartphone has this app by default. You can easily communicate with your friends and family though this app.



IMO is another name for calling. In the internet world, there are very few apps there that offer such good quality calling service like IMO. And like the what’s up, this app is available in many smartphones by default. If your phone does not have this app by default, then install it right now and enrich your app collection.


Final verdict

In the world of technology, you have to be up to date all the time. Otherwise, you will fall behind and cannot cope up with the current world. And these apps will help you keep yourself up to date all the time. In addition, these apps will help you to be connected all the time with your friends and family.

We all are busy today. We do not have time to visit our relatives and friends regularly. These social media apps make our life easy. Now we can visit everyone virtually and take care of each other with these apps. However, you have to be careful enough using these apps since you can be addicted to these apps. Excessive use of these apps can cause you many problems. Install these apps, but use carefully. Be social, be happy.

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