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Advanced technologies come with improvements every day. Music apps have quickly advanced with the advancement of technology goo. Most importantly, manipulating music has become easier and more convenient with the recently updated apps. There are many solutions to recording, mixing, and tweaking tunes. Initially, the first DJ software to get to the market was thrilling enough to win the hearts of everyone. With the introduction of smartphones, however, the apps are cheap and easy to use. Most amazing is the fact that the quality has not been compromised but improved immensely.

It is important to stay up to date with the latest apps released into the market. Compare and discover whatever is worth buying, on offer, or most efficient. We took time to explore the dj assistant apps released recently for you to try. Here is a review of some of the apps.

Best Free DJ Software for Android and iOS

Serato DJ Intro

It is free software that is easily compatible with Mac and PC and its performance is quite excellent.  Its fundamental system has 4 decks complete version, a wave-form full color thatrepresent treble, bass, and mid audial frequencies.  In addition, it gives a mixer high-quality and can be adjusted with dissimilar sources of music which resemble iTunes.

Serato DJ Intro is not complicated to operate, which can mix 2-4 tracks. It has a Player Sample which gives the DJ ability to put additional tracks in a consecutive manner. The user can create groups of tracks by tempo, keyword, or genre.


MixxxA Mixxx free DJ software can be linked with Linux machine, Macs, or PCs. This app has remarkable features of high quality that can be used in big clubs. It has harmonic detectionkey, 4 decks, waveforms, RGB, and chaining FX. It is favorable to the DJs who want to mix their tracks away from home.

Virtual DJ Home

Virtual DJ HomeIt is amazing DJ Software that has been in the industry of DJing for a long period of time. Virtual DJ Home can connect to ninety-nine decks for effective DJing. It has an advanced feature of being compatible with mixing video which is not common to other DJ Software applications. Virtual DJ Home does not connect with MIDI support controller.  It can be easily connected with iPhones, iPads, Macs, Laptops, and Android Phones.

Mixvibes Cross DJ

Mixvibes Cross DJMix vibes DJ Software is designed for the beginners and amateurs DJs who want to improve their skills of DJing. The application has numerous effects of audio, 2 decks, 3- band equalizer. This can be easily connected with iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Android Phones. This app has desirable features which make most of the individuals download the soft wares such as image and text titling, video/ audio samples, and effects of video. It has essentials of the DJ such as multi-controller support, beat grid editing, customization interface, head-up display, and MIDI mapping.


Ultra-MixerUltra- Mixer is free downloadable software that usually connects with Laptops, iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Android Phones. A user must keep rebooting his or her device so that the Ultra-Mixer application can keep running on a specific device. It is under the free will of the user to make a decision whether to use Pro-Entertain, Home, or Basic version.

Traktor DJ 2

Traktor DJ 2Traktor DJ 2  is designed for iPads but also available for iPhone and Android phones. This app transforms your gadget into a full-featured Dj software and controller to integrate music directly from iTunes or Spotify. With this app, you will be able to spin live, record mixes automatically among other activities you need in a Dj studio. It also comes with different audio FX such as Phaser, Echo, Gate, and Flanger, and more.

Dj Player Pro

Dj Player ProFor those with advanced DJ skills, this is the app to get and explore the most out of a DJ app. It has all features a DJ will ever need and many options such as standalone. The setup is flexible enough to allow a variety of options and solutions. This means you can use it adequately with external mixers, soundcards, and Vinyl. You can also multi-track with STEMS having 4 decks with 4 stems each making 16 tracks instantly under your control.


PaceMakerIf you are concerned with FX, this Dj app is the best solution for you. It is also the best starter app for beginners because it has a simple balance between basic and feature-full heavy deck. You can graduate from the basic level to the complex features on a simple interface. Most importantly, it is easily compatible with all versions in the iOS series. You will be having an unlimited amount of tracks at your fingertips from iTunes and Spotify.

Dj Studio 5

Dj Studio 5DJ Studio 5 is popular because it is the best user-friendly mixing applications to use in College parties. It comes with crossfades, and 7 customizable deck skins for a lively interface. You can access all your music via the mp3 library and edit into your own preferences. With 8 sound effects, this app has enough to set you to the path of professional Dj work.

Traktor DJ

Traktor DJThis is a long-standing app solution, which is considered by many experts as the most proficient and professional choice. Tracktor DJ works well on both iOS and Android and is stable and easy to use. With this app, you can perform various gestures as it has unlimited options. It is also highly compatible with PC mode so you can transfer your project and continue with it once you arrive in your house or office. You will be making mixes in seconds without a hassle on the 2-channel mixer and virtual deck.

Cross Dj

Cross DjIf you want to enjoy the widest variety of cool features in a Dj app, then you need to go for the Cross Dj. This app is also compatible on all iOS and Android versions for easy use. Mixing features range from BPM detection to Beatmatcher. It has the ability to offer parallel waveforms to ensure stable synchronizing. Other benefits include progressive pitch blend, custom pitch range, and accurate beat-grid editing. Cross DJ also comes with an intuitive, multi-channel interface for turntables, separate tabs, and navigation by folders.

Edjing 5

Edjing 5Judging by frequency of downloads since its release; the new edjing 5 proves an important tool for musicians. The latest version has an updated brand new user interface to simplify the Dj controls. It features the stretch to mobile mixing, which is the best known to date. Most amazing is that it has a direct and quick access to the key features useful for good mixing. It also allows you to use the FX management and Audio FX lists properly.

Dj Rig

Dj RigThis is an only-iPhone compatible app. It is designed for advanced use only and hence its price. It is among the most costly DJ apps you will be exposed to. As expected, it comes with all full features you expect in a Dj studio for a musician. The complex double-deck setup has all the professional DJ features from tempo controls, 3 crossfade curves with filters, to multiple output configurations. You have 12 effects (6 of them are extra and set aside for purchase). This app can take your party to the next level as is the best recommendation today.

Serato Pro

Serato ProThis is a new generation Dj app, which has automated features to make the work easy for you. It has extra features beyond what Dj apps are meant to achieve and hence one of the most unique music apps you will ever find.

Sound Cloud

sound cloudWith Sound cloud, you can access a global audience with your skill in music. It has extra features beyond DJ options to allow you to complete your music and share it with the world in bits. Musicians can find it very handy.

Best Premium DJ Software for Android and iOS

there are a number of premiums DJ Software in the entire world.  The Best Premium DJ Software 2018 are highlighted and explained below for the readers. These include;

  1. A) Mix Vibes Cross DJ Package.
  2. B) Native Instruments Traktor Scratch DUO DJ Hardware/ Software Package.
  3. C) Image Line FL Studio 12 Producer Edition.

Mixvibes Cross DJ Package

Mixvibes Cross DJ PackageIt’s cheap software to download for the DJ, has the power to connect to different kinds of devices such as PCs and Macs. This is the blazing Premium DJ Software in the market. It has awesome software to be learned by the beginners easily.

The Package of Mix Vibes Cross DJ has a fantastic detection of BPM feature that permits the DJ to sync the tracks operating on a minute per beats. It has adjustable grids for the tracks. It has ability control and detection key which creates harmonic and smooth sounds of amazing quality.

Mix Vibes Cross Package has the accessibility of numerous pro-industry quality tools like; DJM modified EQs, loops, filters, smart seek, and hot cues. It has waveforms which are colored and fourteen effects audio.

This Premium DJ Software has over eighty controllers which are compatible, which gives the DJ ability to regulate cross-functionality, and mappings edit to someone style. It is compatible with Vestax, Pioneer, Denon, Numark, Gemini, Allen, and Heath. Mix Vibes Cross DJ Package is remarkable software to use for the upcoming DJs and the amateurs.

Native Instruments Scratch Traktor DJ DUO Hardware/ Software Package

Native Instruments Scratch Traktor DJ DUO Hardware/ Software PackageNative instruments scratch Traktor is the inexpensive Premium DJ Software to go for in the market.  It is usually recommended for the beginners because they can mix the tracks on their CD, vinyl or digital tracks.  It has four DJ interface with accurate control for CD’s and records.

Traktor DJ can be connected to other devices like iPads, iPhones, Macs, and Android Phones. The playbacks decks have marvelous quality sound, quality-professional effects, and user interface friendly. The playbacks decks do the integration of classic filters and three-band EQ that offers the DJ with a full version of the control.The Native Instruments Scratch Traktor DJ is the best to be used by the DJ beginners or the experts in DJing.

Image Line FL Studio 12 Producer Edition

Image Line FL Studio 12 Producer EditionImage-Line FL Studio provides an incredible production of music to the audience. It has multi-touch support, editing and recording audio, live performance mode, MIDI roll piano, and a step sequencing.  It is compatible with other devices such as iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Android Phones.

When a DJ is creating a new track is very easy because Image-Line FL Studio has forty plug-ins effect and thirty synthesizers’ software. It can easily support FJ plug-ins Native formats, 32 VST and sixty-four, and a DX. The software package of the Image Line FL Studio gives someone the ability to fine-tune creations of music with high standard editing, and recording functions.

DJing is becoming so much fantastic and pretty grooving trend all over the world. A great number of people are fans of live performance especially in special functions such as weddings ceremonies, birthday parties or even in big clubs.  It is not challenging to become a professional DJ since most of the DJ Controllers can be connected to iPads, iPhones, Macs, and Android phones.

There are different kinds of DJ soft wares that can be used by the DJs to mix the songs. Below are some of the best free DJ software that one can down load with the accessibility of the internet on a Laptop, iPhone, iPad, or Android Phones.

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