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If you are looking for the Best Android Video Player then you are in right place. Remember those days when we need to convert a video into the 3gp video to play the video on our mobile phone. Those days are gone. Now you can play any video, size or resolution or format does not matter. Thanks to some best video player apps.

That is why I am going to tell you about some of the best video players. Every smartphone has a default video player, but that is not enough and that will not provide you with quality performance. So, check out the list of the top video player for your android phone.

MX Player

MX PlayerMX Player is not only one of the best video player app but also it is one of the most-used apps of all time. I hardly find any person who has a smartphone but does not have MX Player installed on his phone. Also, it is the first multi-core decoding software for android.

The app is popular because of its simple user-friendly interface and its ability to play almost all video format and audio format. Other than that, it features a lot of amazing features including zoom in, zooms out, subtitle support, scrolls forward, backward, gesture control and many others.

And the app comes with kid lock as well. The best thing about the app is that you can use it completely free. If you check out the reviews of MX player then you will understand why you should have it installed on your phone.


XPlayerXPlayer is one of the top-rated video players in the Google play store. The app comes with some such features that you will rarely find in any top video player.

The app supports all video format including mp4, AVI, MKV, 3gp, and others. This is the best HD video player for android. It supports 4k video as well. Unlike most of the video player APK, this one features a private folder to keep your video safe.

You can download subtitle and watch videos with subtitle. Also, you can play the video in the background with this one. Also, you will get all other basic features in the app. overall, this one is a simple but gorgeous app. try it now.

BS Player

BS Player - Best Android Video PlayerBS player is another good video player for android phone. This is a feature-rich video player. It comes with a hardware-accelerated video player which enhances the speed and decrease the battery consumption.

It supports almost all type of audio and video formats. In addition, it supports playlist, different playbacks mode, and multiple audio plays. The interface is so simple that anyone can use it. also, you can change the theme according to your mood. The app is completely free, however, contains some ads.

VLC for Android

VLC for AndroidWhen it comes to the video player for pc, I always go for the VLC video player. However, their android video player is good as well. It is a cross-platform, an open-source video player that supports almost all video as well as the audio player.

It also supports media library organization and network streaming. It offers the users gesture control, full screen, volume leveling, brightness setting, and others.

The video player comes with the five-band equalizer. Also, it supports subtitle, multi-track audio and offers many other superb features. The app is completely free and contains no ads that make the pp the best video player for android without ads.

PlayerXtreme Media Player

PlayerXtreme Media PlayerPlayerXtreme Media Player is one of those very few video players for Android that can play all types of videos and audio formats. It is actually a cross-platform audio, video, movie and online streaming player. If you want to listen to any kind of audio, want to watch any kind of video format, you can do it even though that format does not support your phone player.

It comes with a lot of features. It supports MKV, AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, and 40+ other formats. Along with that, it supports all types of video subtitle as well.

4k ultra HD supportive, this player has rotatable feature. Also, you can customize a lot of features here such as changing the subtitle size, video aspect ratio, audio delay, subtitle delay, library organization, and many others. Overall, I find this one a great app for every android user. It is simple to use. So you should download it from Google play store now.

Video Player HD

Video Player HDIf you are looking for the best HD video player for your android phone then this is the item you should use. This Video Player HD offers users to play any types of video, any format including MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, RMVB, 3GP, MOV, TS, MPG, M4V, FLV, etc., smoothly.

Unlike most of the video player, this one comes with preset and equalizer feature. Also, you can adjust the treble as well as the base of the video. It supports subtitles from multiple languages. And the good part is, it starts fast and smoothly and play video as you want.

The app has a simple interface that makes it easier for users to navigate and use. And most importantly, it has around 3 lakh users and 4.5-star rating in Google play store. So without further thinking, download it now and try it. I am sure you will fall in love with it.


MoboPlayerWith 4.2 ratings on Google Play, MoboPlayer is surely on the top of the android player list. The developer of this app has been trying for so long to make it better and better day by day. So what makes it so special and one of the top android video players?

Well, like other apps in this list, it comes with the feature of supporting all the video formats. Along with the video, it supports most of the popular subtitle formats including ASS, SAA, SRT, and others. The Subtitles built in MPV, MOV, MKV, and others

Multi-audio streaming, video streaming through RTSP, HTTP are also available in this app. Continuously play on the same types of files and playlist are additional features for you to make sure you enjoy your video experience with this amazing video player.

Overall, this one is capable of being in the list of top players for android. If you want to try, you can go to Google Play and install it now. And one more thing, it is completely free like the other apps of this article.

Video Player Ultimate(HD)

Video Player Ultimate(HD)One of the most powerful videos player app you will find in the play store. Like the other players in this list, this Video Player Ultimate supports all the popular audio as well as video formats. And the best part about his one is that it features hardware decoding that enables the player to run smoothly no matter which format of the video you are using.

It is completely free for you. Its small memory, fast starting, and smooth play are what make it so special. You can enjoy flash format video, you will have paying gesture, history list, playback speed control and lots of other features that you might not find in any normal player.

You will love this app when you will try it. So give a try right now and enjoy your video anytime, anywhere.

Archos Video Player Free

Archos Video Player FreeThis Archos Video Player Free offers an uncompromised, smoother video experience to the Android users. It plays everything. You can enjoy playing your videos from your pc, external storage, server, and NAS as well.

It supports multiple audio formats as well as subtitle formats. Also, like the previous app, this one has hardware decoding for a smoother and fast experience.

Unlike any player on this list, this one is TV-friendly. It has a lean-back user interface for your Android TV. It supports 3d, it can increase the sound quality even from the low-quality video. And the best part is, it has a night mode for a better experience.

You can adjust the audio, video, subtitles synchronization, you can browse the video and audio by date, genre, duration or rating. Overall, you will find some unique features that you might not find in any other video player.


KMPlayerThe last item of this list is KMPlayer. I hope you have heard about the KMPlayer. It is a well-known video player that supports different types of video formats as well as the codec. It comes with anew features named KMP connect. With this feature, you can watch the video in your pc from your mobile.

The app features some basic including playback speed control, brightness control, volume control, and others. Also, it supports HD videos and it is available in more than 25 languages.

The app comes with a very simple interface which makes the app super easy to use. And the good thing is that it is completely free. But it contains ads.

Wrap up words

These are some of the best android video players that support HD videos, almost all media formats, and come with lots of features. And the best part is that all of these apps are free, though some apps contain some ads. But come on, that should not be a big deal.

What are you waiting for? Download all of the apps from the Google play store. And try all of these apps. You don’t know which one will be suitable for you and your choice and which one you feel comfortable to use. So, download all of these best apps and keep the one that best suits you.

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