Best note taking apps in Google play store

Best note taking apps in Google play store

Taking notes is a good thing because many times we just forget little thing and that little thing costs us a lot. But where should you take notes? The notebook was the best place to take notes for sure. But there a lot of problems with that.

First of all, you might lose that. Secondly, when you will take many notes, it will be difficult to find out the specific one. Also, there is a chance that your notes will be destroyed by any chance.

In that case, digital notes are better. For digital notes, there are a lot of apps available in the play store. And these apps are the best way to take notes right now.

Since these apps are online based and have cloud storage, you will not lose your notes. You can get your notes if you have internet. Also, there is no to a little chance that these apps will be destroyed. And lastly, you can easily search what you need from the notes.

So, what are the best apps for taking notes? We are going to talk about the top 5 best note-taking apps for your android phone. Hope this will help you and you will like it.



When you check the list of best note taking apps, no matter where you are checking it, you will see the name of Evernote in most of the list. It features a lot of features that you will rarely find in other note-taking apps.

You need to register before running the app. this allows you to sync the notes across all other devices. Along with that, you can take notes in a variety of formats. It can be text, attachment, audio, photos, handwriting, and many others.

With the app, it is super easy to make a checklist, plan events or set reminder. It is a free app, but in the free version, there are some limitations. But you will get a lot of features in the free version as well.



Another great note taking apps and some people place this one at the top when it comes to note-taking apps. And why won’t when it offers so many features.

Like the previous one, you need to register. But you can skip the step. However, it is suggested that you register first so that you can sync your notes. To use the app perfectly, you will see the tutorial at the starting.

The good thing about the app is that when you end writing up something, it will save automatically. And if you write any link or phone number, it can detect it and enables you to go to the dial option or browser to save your time.

You can change the theme of the app to make it more comfortable to watch. This amazing app is completely free and there is no ad as well. Try it now.


Google Keep

Since Google is dominating the apps market, it is common that an app will be in this list for sure. This simple app is amazing and offers some amazing features.

You can take notes in different formats including image, voice memo, text, handwriting and others. Also, you can categorize the notes to find it easily next time. Moreover, you can set a reminder using the app.

Since you have to use Google account, chances are very low that you will lose your notes. Once you end up writing, it automatically gets sync to other Google account. Download it and enjoy note taking.



Owned by Microsoft, OneNote note-taking app is really good as well as powerful. It comes with a lot of amazing features including cross-platform support, organizing features, android wear support, widgets, and collaboration features.

You can take note in image, text or voice format. Since it is a product of Microsoft, I do not talk more about it. If you are using any of Microsoft product, you will know how good these are. It is a must-have app.


My Notes

My Notes is the last note-taking app in this list. You can use this app as your diary, notes or journal. It is a secure app and your information will be secured by a password.

You can categorize your notes as well. It makes the searching easy. Along with that, the app gets sync using the Google drive. Like any good apps, this one identifies the phone number, email address, and web address and this helps you navigate easily to the address and relieves you from the pain of copy pasting.

The app is simple, that’s for sure. But you will enjoy using it. Try it out.


Final verdict

So one of the greatest advantages of having a smartphone today is the ability to take notes anywhere anytime you want and save them for a long time. And now you have the list of top 5 best note-taking apps that offer a bunch of amazing features.

Download all of the apps and try these out. Keep the one that you like most and feel comfortable. You know, taking notes is very important. This will help you many ways, trust me.

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