10 Best News Android Apps to Stay Informed In 2019


10 Best News Android Apps to Stay Informed In 2019


News is the source with which we can enrich our knowledge and learn new and new things. From the ancient time, the value of news is really high. People used to buy the newspaper to read the news. People had to rely on the outlets that provided unbiased as well as unflinching news because of the advertisers.

We have moved ahead from that era. In the first world country, around more than 50% people use virtual news media right now. There are some excellent Android news apps that offer you really authentic news. People are using these apps because these apps offer up to date news, offer different kinds of news on a different angle, and most importantly these apps are easily available and accessible. Here are 10 Best News Android Apps to Stay Informed In 2019.


Google news

It is no wonder that the giant Google will be the number 1 rank, no matter what topics you are talking about. Google news app is popular for delivering relevant news. And the good part about this app is that it uses A.I technique. I am sure you are aware of A.I technology.

In addition to that, it features a “for you” tab that shows top headlines as well as news that is important as well as relevant. Moreover, the personalized news list shows the news based on your activity or interest on Google.

And lastly, this smart app features “full coverage” that shows the same news reported by different publishers. That means you will get your interest based news of different publishers. Overall, this is the best app for news without any doubt. Sometimes it publishes such news that is almost impossible to avoid.


BBC News

I don’t think I need to introduce BBC News to anyone. It is popular all over the world. And it is popular for providing authentic as well as relevant news. That is why its app is surely one of the best news apps for sure. And I think no one will disagree with me about this statement.

This amazing news app shows the latest news from all countries at one tap. It features different layout options and unlike most of the news apps, this one features a live streaming news channel inside the app. You will also get the opportunity to change the notification setting as well as turn off the background syncing.

Also, this app offers you full control over the data sharing by the app. You will find this feature in very few apps. If you don’t want any personalized result, you can turn off the “sharing stats” option. However, the only disadvantage you might face is the design that is lack of smooth interactivity and animation. But overall, this one is a perfect and ideal news app.



Flipboard is definitely the best news app when it comes to classic design and aesthetic look. This app can analyze your interest and based on the result, they show you the news. For example, if you regularly visit a baseball game page, this app will show you the baseball news first.

It is super easy to navigate because of the print style layout. You can minimize and maximize the number of news stories based on your demand. However, this can be a problem for you that you will get bored seeing almost the same news again and again. But overall, this one is really good.



Maybe you have heard of Reddit. Reddit is one of the most popular social media in the western world. However, this is not just a social media, it is a combination of news aggregator, social media and message boards that makes it an interesting app for everyone.

That means if you are looking for a news app where you will get different types of news including political, entertainment, sports, and other kinds of news then this one is for you.

If you are familiar with the Reddit web, you will know that Reddit features thousands of topic. The app is no different. The app offers thousands of topics as well. And the good news is that you can subscribe to specific subreddit based on your need.

Also, you will get the trending news that you might not find anywhere else. Surely, this app is one of the best news apps for sure.


Microsoft news

Microsoft news, formerly known as MSN news, offers you a smooth experience and at the same time, the classic design allows the users easy navigation through the app.

The app allows you to choose news edition from different countries. Also, by signing up with your Microsoft account, you can personalize news through the other platforms of Microsoft.

Overall, this simple app will deliver you relevant and latest news around the world. However, the problem is there will a lot of ads. And sometimes it becomes so difficult to distinguish between the real news and the ads.



Feedly is a perfect app for those people who just only like trusted news source and just hate news for rubbish type cosmetic brands. You can search for any news source or direct copy paste the link of the news source and subscribe those.

The app is popular for its fast news update. You will get the latest news from this app from different sources. However, the app will suggest you some of the news sources but the app will not center on it. Also, if you just find out some trusted news sources and subscribe those, this app will be a great option for you.


Smart news

The app makes its place in the list of best news apps for android very recently. The best part about the app is that it analyzes millions of news articles every second and place them effectively under each topic. And if you want to get breaking news on a regular basis, you can set the delivery time in your notification setting.

The ’smart news mode’ delivers news without graphics that allows the users to use the app and get all the news even in a slow network. Additionally, the app features offline reading as well. And you will get all the news from the top sources of news that makes us keep the app in this best news app list.



Newsbreak is known as one of the most popular Android news apps in Google play store. The best part about the app is that it features your interest based news on its wall. And its interface is super easy to use for any user.

The app has “For you” tab as well as “following” option that delivers the users customized news. And the easy interface helps the user to share the content through the social media.

Additionally, the “Instant news” option delivers a small portion of the breaking news in your home screen that helps you know the breaking news without opening up the phone. Overall, this simple app is really awesome to use and it will enrich your knowledge on a regular basis.



Since 1980, AOL a.k.a has been a reputed news source in the entire USA. It is popular for providing unbiased news and its strong opinion on any topic.

It has its own search that is powered by the giant search engine Bing. Unlike most of the other news app, this news app features a video option where you will get trending videos and the good news is that you can choose the video topic so that you will get the video that you are interested.



This is the last news app on this list. Inshorts is a popular Indian android app that is gradually making it position to other top class news app because of its unique concept. It delivers news in less than 60 words but you will get the whole summary of the important news in those 60 words.

Like other news apps in this list, this one has a “MyFeed” option that shows the news based on your interest. And its user interface is simple as well for users that makes it better. However, the best news app in India has been becoming a place for ads and sponsored content.


Final verdict

News apps make our life easier. Now we do not have to wait for the newspaper providers who will deliver the newspaper to our home. We can now check the news after waking up without waiting. Even we can check the news immediately after the incident through these apps.

We have tried to mention all the best news apps for your android phone. Hope this article will help you enrich your knowledge.

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