Best learning apps for kids –Top 5 android apps

Best learning apps fro kids
Best learning apps for kids

Best learning apps for kids –Top 5 android apps


Nowadays, kids hugely depend on the digital device. And day by day the addiction is increasing. Now, kids do not even eat without having a smartphone in their hand. In addition to that, parents deliver the smartphone to the kids so parents can focus on other jobs. This is not a good thing, we all know that.

What if you give your baby your smartphone that is full with essential as well as learning apps for kids? Won’t that be awesome? They will learn many things and at the same time, they will enjoy it.

In this article, I am going to talk about some of those learning apps for your kids. Here we go.


ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics

ABC Kids is one of the best android learning apps for your smartphone and you can call it one of the best educational apps for your 4 years child. This is the app that makes the learning fun for the kids. It comes with a series of ABC learning tracing games. Also, it features letter matching games, phonics pairing, and many other features.

There are lowercase as well as the uppercase letter to listen, trace and match. And why kids pay these games? Because when they complete the games, they will get strikers and toys. Also, it comes with a customizable option where you can change the setting to engage the teacher mode as well as look at the report card.

The interface is simple but it is specially designed for the kids so that they cannot exit the app. overall, this app will deliver you great learning to your kids and help your kids enjoy the time.


KIDOZ: Discover the Best

KIDOZ is an excellent and one of the best free educational apps you will find in the Google play store. It has the ability to entertain your kids for hours. The app comes with a lot of features that entertain the kids a lot.

It comes with a secure browser for kids, the camera for kids, kids lock, educational games, photo gallery, and many others. The app enables you to create multiple kids accounts. Also, it comes with an ad blocker so that there won’t be any annoying ads.

The app is completely free, however, it has a premium membership. With app purchase, you will get full control over the games, video channels, and website and also you can set the time limit for your kids.


Endless Alphabet

This is a great app for your kids if you want your kids to learn some new words along with the alphabet. This app will learn vocabulary as well as ABC with this app. and most importantly with full fun. They will not get bored.

The app comes with 100 new colorful words to learn. However, you need to know that you will get only 7 words when you will use it for free. In one time purchase, you can get access to all of the features it has.

The app features interactive puzzles along with talking letters. Your kids will learn all of these without having any stress. And since there is no failure, success or points, they will not feel any pressure. You can easy the free version that contains no ad.


Kids Doodle – Color & Draw

Unlike any other apps in this list, this Kids Doodle is a doodling app. it is designed for the kids only. The app comes with an amazing as well as simple painting canvas along with more than 20 brushes, art gallery, and bright colors.

In addition to that, the app features a movie mode where the kids can watch their previous artwork like a short film. Your kids will love it. And you can clean it anytime by shaking the phone. Download the app and your kids will love it for sure.


Kids Learning Puzzles PUZZINGO

This is the last app in this list and this one is one of the best educational apps for 3 years old kid or kindergarten kids. The app comes with 8 puzzles where there are more than 100 new words for your kids.

And each of the topics covers a different topic such as shape, car, train, alphabet, and others. As a reward of the puzzle game, the app offers a new small game for the kids that will inspire the kids to play puzzle game.

The app is free but you have to purchase it if you want to get access to all of its features.


Wrapping words

Learning is important. And the learning process starts in childhood. That is why you need to downloads all of these apps in your phone and give to your kids so that they can enjoy the time and learn something valuable. Don’t you want your kids to learn something?

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