6 Best eBook Reader Android Apps for You


5 Best eBook Reader Android Apps for You

These days are gone when all the people go to the library for reading a book, travel the world for collecting book and spend hours searching for books. In this digital era, people read books at home, collect book at home and spend only a few seconds to search a book.

I know reading the original book is special. However, nowadays, a lot of people read books on their Android phone. Now, you can simply download e-book reader apps and read your favorite book very easily. With these apps, you can search your favorite book within a second and start reading. Here are some of those apps with which you can read your favorite book anywhere anytime.


Google Play Books

It is no wonder that in the Google is dominating the app world. And it is no different when it comes to best eBook reader android apps. Google Play Books offers some amazing features that will amaze you and you will say that this one is the best eBook reader app.

Google Play Books offers a large collection book that you will rarely find in any other app. it offers a good collection of free eBooks and at the same time you can purchase the premium book as well.

The app comes with everything you can expect from an eBook reader app. the best part about the app is that it syncs across all of your devices. That means you can start reading any book from your computer, then you can continue reading the book where you left from your mobile or tablet. Also, it supports almost all eBook format as well.


Amazon Kindle

Kindle is one of the most popular eBook reader apps for Android. The e-commerce giant Amazon own this amazing app. It offers a large collection of books, newspaper, and magazines. The app allows its users to sync last read, notes, bookmarks, and highlights across all devices.

And the best part about this amazing app is that it features a built-in dictionary. That means you can easily find out the meaning of the new words that you will find while reading a book, especially other language books. In addition to that, the app allows its users to access Wikipedia and Google search that makes the reading more enjoyable and pleasurable.



FBReader is a great, customizable eBook reader for all kinds of devices. The app is supported for the devices that run on IOS, Android, Linux, Windows, and other platforms. The app allows its users to choose colors, font size, font face, bookmarks, animation and others for making your reading more convenient.

It organizes the book library by titles and authors so that you can easily find your desired book. In addition to that, it supports several formats so that you can enjoy your reading in different formats. Even it offers a direct reading from the zip archives. And the good news is that it is localized for more than 25 languages.

To provide access to a wide collection of books, the app comes with 8 online catalogs. Additionally, it is integrated with some popular dictionaries such as Fora, ColorDict, and SlovoEd to make your reading smooth and enjoyable.



NOOK is an app that is owned by Barnes and Noble itself. I am sure you have heard of Barnes and Noble if you have a little knowledge about the book publisher. Barnes and Noble is the bookseller company that has the largest number of outlets in the United States. Following by the Amazon app kindle in the play store, they publish their own app.

Nook has a large collection of book. Like the Kindle app, you can download as well as purchase books from the Nook store. You will get the newspaper, magazines, kids’ book and other books. The app features some amazing features like the other apps in this list.

It offers synchronization that sync your last reading automatically. You can adjust the brightness as well of the eBook. You will surely like it.


Mantano Reader Lite

If you are looking for easy to use, attractive look and the amazing eBook reading app then this one is for you. The Mantano Reader lite offers easy using, amazing look and great feel to the users. Its simple and easy to use interface makes it more attractive.

The eBooks appear on the right side of the app and a series of menus are presented on the left side. At the bottom right, there is a status bar that allows the users to manage the books. With this bar, finding a book is not a tough task. Also, this app allows you to sort the books by your chosen category.



Another great app for you and this is the last app in this list. The Kobo app features a unique feature that you will merely find in any other eBook reader app. this app allows its users to share notes, quotes and most importantly you can discuss the book on Facebook through its integrated Facebook feature.

In addition to that, the app offers millions of books for you. you can read anytime from anywhere. And the good part is that it is available in Android, IOS, blackberries and other platforms.


Final verdict

These are the top 5 eBook reader apps you will find in the play store. These apps offer a huge collection of free books as well as offer you to purchase books as well. Most of the apps of the list of best eBook reader app feature not only a good collection of books but also these apps offer you synchronizing and other features that make your reading more easy and comfortable. If you are a book lover, you should install these apps in your smartphone for sure.


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