11 Best Android Apps for your smartphone



11 Best Android Apps for your smartphone


Google play store has millions of apps. And you will find multiple apps with the same functionality. Will you try all those apps?

No, obviously. It is not possible. However, you can try some of the best apps for sure. Here are some essential apps that you should keep in your smartphone and use regularly.

Before starting, I want to make something clear to you. I have made this list thinking of your benefits. You are free to use any apps you want.


Google assistant – Assistant app

Google will dominate the Android apps world for sure. No one has any question about it and no one should have. Google assistant is one of Google’s app and this is an AI app that allows you to communicate, navigate, and get many things done.

In this era of artificial intelligence, you will remain backdated if you do not have this app installed in your smartphone and if you do not use this amazing app. You can ask the Google assistant to play audio, you can ask any question, or make a plan and etc.

This app is available in Android as well as IOS and the best part about this app is that it is free. You can have all of the benefits of the app without any charge.


MX player – Video and Audio player

I have found no one who does not have this app installed in his or her smartphone. Almost everyone has this app installed. People use this app because it has some amazing features that will blow your mind. It supports almost every format of videos as well as audios.

In addition, it features fast forwarding, volume control gesture, subtitles timeframe editing, zoom in zoom out gesture, the on-screen lock for kids and many others. Similar to the previous app, this one is free. However, you will see ads.


Google Chrome – Browser

When it comes to browsers, there is no browser that can even compete with Google Chrome. The browser offers very fast loading and browsing, unlimited tabs, desktop syncing, HTML5 support, built in Google translate as well as a search engine, bookmarking, and a lot of other options.

It is easy to use and delivers safe and secure browsing. In addition, you will get a lot of customizable options that make the app surely the best browser in both desktop and mobile.


WhatsApp – Instant messaging app

For a very long time, WhatsApp has been the best instant messaging app in the app world. Also, it is one of the most popular apps in the play store.

It offers instant messaging where people can communicate with others using mobile internet service. This amazing app allows you to send a text message, audio message, images, links, location, and even you can do a video call with this app worldwide.

The app is secure and the best thing about the app is that it is completely free.


Google news – News app

Google news is one of the best news apps for your smartphone. Since it is a product of Google, it can track your activity in other Google products and based on your interest, it delivers relevant as well as the latest news.

So if you want to keep yourself up to date all the time then you should download the Google news app right now. The app features ‘For You’ option with which you can customize your news feed.

In addition, it has an option named ‘Full Coverage’ that show the same news by different publishers. This allows you to judge the authenticity of any news and knowledge from different perspectives.


Swiftkey – Keyboard

Swiftkey keyboard is one of the most popular Android keyboards with more than 250 million downloads. It has some amazing features that make it so popular among the Android users.

It features AI that allows the app to predict what the user is going to type and the prediction is satisfactory as well. In addition, it features auto-correction as well as gesture typing for smooth and faster typing.

Additionally, it has a GIF search engine as well as a wide range of theme. Besides, it does not keep any kind of personal information of yours or any other password.

Overall, this one is a great keyboard for smart folks. You will love it for sure.


Google drive – Storage app

Google drive is a storage app that offers a huge space to store your file for free. You can browse all of your saved data and folders, you can share those to others, move those, edit those, and delete those.

The best part about the drive that you might not find in any other storage system is that it encompasses Google sheets, slides, and docs with which you can edit your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, and others and save them in the Google drive.

You can use up to 15 GB storage to back up your necessary documents and files. This is a very essential app that every smartphone user smart person should have in his phone.


ES File Explorer – File manager

If you need a file manager app with all the features a person may need then this app for you. It is one of the most popular file manager apps for an android phone right now.

The file manager app comes with a space analyzer that will help you free your space so that you can save your memory space and keep more files in it. In addition, you can share files with other ES File Explorer users via Wi-Fi.

The app also comes with an additional app manager that allows you to uninstall any backup apps. Even, you can uninstall any system apps with the root privilege.

This app is super for any user. However, it shows too many ads when using that you might find disgusting.



Google map – Map

I don’t think I need to introduce you with this app. The Google map is a web-based map service that shows real-time traffic, navigation, transit and a lot about millions of people.

It offers satellite imaginary, street map, short-cut route plan, traffic info, and many others that are not possible by any app in the world except Google map right now.

It covers an accurate map of more than 200 countries. If you need to find an unknown location, just search on Google map and you will know the location with pictures. This is really an essential app for every mobile user.


WPS Office – Office app

WPS Office is a full package of all the apps needed for official work. The app is fully compatible with MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, presentation, memo, Google docs, spreadsheets, and many others you will need in official work.

Also, the app comes with a PDF reader, editor, and converter along with the excellent file sharing ability. The app is simple to use, however, this one is a very useful app.


Google duo – Video calling app

Google duo is now one of the most used as well as most popular android video calling apps right now. It is simple to use, easy to sign up, log in and verify. The app offers fast video calling just like you do in the standard phone call.

The best part about this amazing video app is its ‘knock knock’ feature. This feature delivers a live preview of the caller before you receive the call. Isn’t it awesome?

Avg cleaner pro apk

If you want to run your device faster and smoother, and want to stay charged for longer, download AVG cleaner app right now in your android phone and enjoy.

Wrapping words

Have you found all of these 11 apps helpful? If yes, thanks to me later.

These are the most useful app you should have in your phone if you think you are a smart person. Download all of those apps right now if you haven’t installed the apps yet. Best of luck.

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