8 Best android Apps for editing your Photos before Posting to Instagram

8 Best Android Apps for editing your Photos before Posting to Instagram


Social media is all about visual content and when it comes to visual content, Instagram is the king since Instagram is all about visual content, especially photos. People come to Instagram to upload photos, to see photos.

That is why it is important to edit your photo before uploading it to Instagram. However, the features Instagram editor offers are not enough. That is why we need external editor to edit our photo. We need some editors to add color, set exposer and add the filter to our pictures.

There are some tremendous android apps available out there with which you can edit your pictures. In this article, I am going to tell you some of those editing apps. Here we go.



If you are not an expert in editing and want to edit like a pro then you should search no further. Snapseed is the best app for you. This amazing app has some amazing features that will blow your mind. With this app, you can enhance the color of the picture, make your picture more attractive and even you can remove a person from the picture if you want.

And the good news is that you can do all of these very easily. You need no experience to use this app and use all of these features. Even if you are doing this for the first time, you can use these features as well. This is a simple but gorgeous photo editor.



When it comes to having full control over editing your photo then VSCO can give you a complete solution. This amazing app offers full control over editing photos. And this app has almost full characteristics of professional editing software.

In addition to that, this app can be used to take pictures as well, even in both front and rear camera. With this app, you can manually set the focus during capturing the picture, you can adjust the exposer of the picture and set the white balance as well.

And editing the picture is so easy with this app. When you will install the app, you will be a glorious partner of a community that might help you develop your photographic skill.


Adobe Lightroom cc

I am sure you have heard the name of Adobe. When it comes to editing anything, no matter it is a photo, it is a video, Adobe is the first name that comes to our mind. And adobe lightroom is considered one of the best photo editing software of all time.

This amazing software in Android is no less popular, powerful and effective. It allows you to edit your photos like a pro and its editing process is quite easy as well. Other than that, you can record video and shoot pictures with the app. Additionally, it allows you to access the HDR mode which enhances the exposer scope automatically. This app will help you make your Instagram photos more attractive for sure.



Free things cannot provide you with enough facilities while editing. You need to upgrade your apps to the premium to get the highest benefit from the app. Afterlight is an app that offers you superb quality editing in very low cost.

Though you can use this app for free, however, as I said, you will not get full features out of the app if you use it free.

Don’t be upset. Its free version has a lot of features that will help you make your photos good looking on Instagram. It features a lot of filters as well as textures that you can add in a single tap. In addition to that, you will get access to 15 cropping preset that will allow matching the photo to the Instagram aspect ratio.



The face is the most important and most focused place in our photo. That is why it is important to present ourselves in the best light. However, it is really crucial for everyone to present ourselves in the best light.

There are some apps like Facetune can help in this situation. It can help you create flawless portraits and selfies. The app allows you to beautify your picture in just a few clicks. It features vivid makeup as well as customizable filters turns yourself into a piece of art. In addition to that, you can widen your smile, improve your hairstyle, and even accentuate your eyes as well with this app. Other filters provided by the Facetune app enables you to enhance the light of the pictures.



Everyone wants a perfect picture. However, achieving the perfect portraits is not that simple. The good news is that there are some apps that can help you achieve the perfect portraits. As the name implies, it offers some amazing features to make your photos perfect.

The app offers more than 200 preset styles that you can use in your photo with a single tap. In addition, teeth whiting, lipstick or shadow options are available as well in this app. Moreover, it features a color option that ensures that each of the parts of your picture has proper color to enhance the beauty of your picture.

Overall, this is a perfect app. However, despite its so many features, it lacks some vital features that you have to purchase to use.



Another good app for editing your picture before posting it to Instagram. With more than 300 layouts, you can stitch your videos and photos easily with this app. This app might perform almost every editing task you have. Picstitch offers some amazing features.

It includes some image rotation, mirror features, and other photo effects. Basically, this is the app for combining a few pictures together in a perfect frame picture. And you can do it very fast. The good news is that you can export the combination or your work in 15 different aspect ratio for Instagram. You can use the pitch for free, but to get all the features, you need to purchase it.



Unlike any other editing tool in this list, SKRWT offers just only perspective and lens correction. It does not offer any other features. With this app, you might not take any better picture, however, you can correct any types of imperfections that are created by the lens.

So if you need editing, this app is not for you. You have to use other apps to edit your photos.


Final verdict

These are the best apps you can use to edit your photos before posting it to Instagram. If you want your every photo will be attractive, you have to use these apps and make your photos more attractive. Choose an app from the list that you feel more comfortable to use.

The thing is that you cannot edit your photos as you want if you do not feel comfortable with the editors. So try almost every app in the list and use the one that you feel comfortable.

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