15 Best Gallery Apps for Android

Those days are gone when we carried the camera in order to take our pictures and print out those to attach our room wall. Now we carry our mobile phone wherever we go and capture our moment to save it to the phone gallery. I am not saying that the phone camera can take the place of the real camera, however, we do not take the camera all the time.

When it comes to the gallery of the smartphone, not all the gallery apps are the same. There are some apps that are special and offer some amazing features. That is why I am going to tell you about some of the best gallery apps for your android phone. Here we go.

A+ Gallery

A+ Gallery

A+ Gallery is one of the most popular photo gallery apps. it is simple, offers some simple and basic features and at the same time some exclusive features. You will get basic features such as managing photos, create albums, share photos and others.

Along with that, it comes with the support of Facebook, Dropbox, and Amazon cloud. It features a vault option where you can keep your private photo. You cannot find this option in most of the best gallery apps.

You can download it for free but if you want to get access to full features, you have to buy it from the Google play store.

Download A+ Gallery app


QuickPic- Best Gallery Apps for Android

QuickPic is an awesome photo gallery app for your android phone that is used by more than 10 million people. the app is lightweight, fast and offers a smooth interface to the users. It comes with multiple figure gesture.

With the app, you can create your own folder, exclude or hide folder, sort the file based on date, type or path. Additionally, you can view your collection differently such as grid, stack, or list. You can do some basic edit with this app as well.

It has the support of some giant cloud services such as Google Drive or Amazon or one drive. Also, you can back up your files in any cloud storage you want. This is surely one of the best apps for photo gallery. It is free and contains no ad.

Download Quickpic Gallery app



Another impressive photo gallery app for android phone. This is simple, fast and lightweight. This is a

superb gesture-app for managing and organizing your photo albums. The Pictures gallery app is totally free and contains no ads.

The app comes with several storing as well as a sorting option. Unlike other apps, this one comes with a built-in Gif player, video player and image viewer. That means it is an all in one app. you can create folders, hide folders and get access to the other cloud storage as well. it is a simple but gorgeous app. try it out.

Download Piktures gallery app

Google Photos

Google Photos

I have said it many times that where there will be any list of best apps, chances are high that there will be a Google app. the same rule goes here. Google photo is one of the finest photo gallery apps and the best thing is that it comes pre-installed in almost every android phone.

The app offers the user a large space to store your photos for free. This is a gallery app, that’s for sure, but it acts as a backup app as well. You can back up your photos in it.

Also, unlike many photo gallery app, this one comes with a built-in editor, search option, and trash folder. And the best part is that it comes fully integrated with Google assistance. The app is simple to use and it is totally free.

Download Google photos

Focus Go

Focus Go

It is a relatively newer app in the photo gallery app industry. The app is lightweight and simple to use. With this app, you can open your photos and share them. That is what you need from a photo gallery app right? Focus Go does not have any other unnecessary options for you.

However, there are some amazing necessary features for you. For example, you can tag your photo to organize them in a better way. Also, you can browse your photos faster than ever.

Other than that, it has privacy option as well. You can protect your private pictures from others by passwords. And if your phone has the fingerprint feature, you can use that as well. Overall, this simple app is not simple at all. It has some features that can blow your mind and make you fall in love with it.

Download Focus Go

F-Stop Gallery

F-Stop Gallery

It is time to replace your gallery app to this easy to use, fun and fast F-stop Gallery app that helps you organize your videos and photos. This is a simple app with professional tools and a simple interface to organize your pictures.

This app is fully optimized for your Android 8.0+. You can easily and fast find your photos and videos instantly. At the same time, you can add the tag as well as rating that can be read in almost all the editor such as Lightroom, Picasa, and others top rated apps for editing your photos.

If you have any favorite folder, you can bookmark it and you can get easy access to that folder and browse your images as well as videos. And the good part is, this gallery supports GIFs.

Similar to any other best android gallery apps, this one has privacy and protection. You can easily hide your images and videos with the password so that no one can get access to your personal videos and images.

Finally, this is surely one of the best apps where you can organize, hide, and open your videos and images. Download it now and give a try to check its amazingness.

Download F-Stop Gallery

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery is one of the best photo gallery app for Android in 2019. And it is claimed to be the fast and stable android gallery in play store for organizing and viewing your photos, videos, and Gifs.

You will get all the features that you will need from a good gallery app. You can edit your photos with this app, you can hide your photos and videos, you can delete your photos, rename your photos, move your photos and do all the other things you need.

You can even use it as your phone wallpaper as well. And searching your files or notes is easy in this app. Also, you can directly post to Facebook, or flickers from here easily. So surely, it can fulfill your demand if you install it now.

Simple Gallery Pro

Simple Gallery Pro

Simple Gallery is simple but gorgeous android gallery app. It is a highly customized offline gallery app where you can organize, open, hide, and recover your images easily.

one of the best features of this image is that you can recover your deleted images easily. There are very few apps that can offer this feature. Also, you can protect your images with a password like any other top gallery apps.

Since it is an offline app, you do not have to worry about ads at all. That means it is ad-free gallery app. And you do not have to have any internet connection to run this app.

Along with that, you will have basic editing options such as cropping, rotating, resizing and many more. Overall, this app has so many features that I cannot explain in this article. You should check a review of this simple gallery pro.

Gallery Vault – Hide Pictures And Videos

As the name implies, it is an app where you can keep all your pictures and videos safe. It will work like a vault to your phone. You can easily hide and encrypt your videos, images, and any other files that you do not want to be seen by others.

Even this app can hide the app icon to make your privacy more secure. And its fingerprint password helps you open the file by only you. Even if someone tries to break the password, you can know it simply. You can use a fake password so that no one can reach your original content easily.

Also, this one support GIFs file. overall, this is the gallery app where you can safely keep your photos, videos, and files and you will get the maximum protection for sure.

Gallery HD 

Gallery HD 

It can be the best choice to manage your photos because it features a smart gallery that you might not find in any other gallery apps. It is an amazing fully featured app for your android phone.

Though the name of the app is “gallery”, it offers basic photo editing for you. Filtering, trimming, multiple adjusting layering and many other features are available in this app.

You will get all the options that a good android photo gallery app should have. You will get fast and smooth browsing, you can protect your privacy with password, rename your photo, move and copy your images and do many other things. So without further delay, download it now and enjoy.

Photo Album, Image Gallery & Editor

Photo Gallery app

You can easily get the idea about the features of the app by seeing the name of the app. It offers you an album for your photos, an image gallery to organize your photos and an editor to edit your photos. Actually, it is all in one app for your android phone.

You can create an album in the app and open and view your file faster. And the good part is that you do not have to organize your photos manually. It will automatically organize your photos by date, or location, or folder.

Other than that, you can share your images to social media, move, edit, copy your photos and do other basic things that you expect from a good gallery app. Download now and enjoy the experience of the best app.

Pro 3D Magic Gallery

Pro 3D Magic Gallery

This one is a unique app. You will rarely find this type of app on any phone. If you want to be cool or you are a cool man then this app is for you. You will get some amazing features in this app.

This app enables you to share your photos to social media. Also, you can create your own album as well. Deleting photos, rename photos, describing photos, editing photos are some basic things of this app. You should explore it right now by installing it on your phone from the play store.

FOTO Gallery

FOTO Gallery

If you are looking for the best gallery app without ads then this one is for you. It is completely free and it does not show any ad that can disturb you at the time of experiencing this amazing app.

It comes with some amazing features. It is super fast because it is lightweight. It takes less than 5 MB in your phone storage. Also, it has an amazing organizing feature. That means you will have an organized photo gallery on your phone. You can organize by date, size, or type as well.

The best part that I like most about this photo gallery app is that if you delete any of your important photo by any chance, you can recover it with this app.

Similar to any top rated gallery app, this one has all the necessary features such as password protection, hiding personal pictures, hiding folders, and many others. You will love this app for sure. So download it now.



Don’t get confused with the previous Gallery app. This one is another top rated photo app in the play store. It has more than 1000000 installs with a 4.6-star rating.

It is a lightweight app for you to organize, hide, open, and edit your photos, videos, and Gifs. It has so many features that you will love it within a very short time.

You can do basic editing with this app. Also, you can search for images, files, or gifs. Other than that, HD photos can be seen with this photo gallery as well.

Overall, you will get so many features such as posting directly to FB, Instagram, Twitter, and others, rename the photos, share, move, delete and many other options. So why are you waiting for? Install it now.



With more than 500000 downloads and a 4.6-star rating, this Gallery.AI is one of the top-rated free gallery apps in play store. It comes with some amazing features that might help you a lot.

It is little in size but it is powerful than many other top rated apps. This simple app arranges the pictures very well. Also, it enables you to view images easily.

At the same time, it has a camera button so that you can take pictures directly from the app. You do not have to go back to your camera in order to take pictures.

However, there are some limitations to this app. For example, you cannot do basic editing with this app. Also, you cannot hide any folder, rename any folder, or create any folder from this app. Actually, as I said, this is the most minimalistic gallery app for your phone. If you like a simple thing, this is for you.

Wrapping up

These are some of the best photo gallery apps for the android phone. You should check all of those so that you can find out which one best suit you. You know nothing is more important than convenience. These apps offer you full convenience as well as privacy.

And the best part is that all of these apps are free. So you do not have to spend a buck to try these out. It will be a wise decision for you to check these out. When you are getting the opportunity, why don’t you give a try? Aren’t you a smart person?

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